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The Tocards

Clown / Visual show

Ordinary Meeting of two unique characters ... A duo singlotons. Both marginal one can not exist without the other, they live for this presence on the other, in their isolation. Coexistence of two beings in the universe. Apparently loaded, their lifestyle is totally outdated, cluttered with useless objects, despite that they are working to make them even more obsolete when they handle. Both are here penetrate the viewer in a world where the logic loses its meaning and in which they will be tested to keep their cool, where everything falls. The realities of life seem to have eluded them for a long time. Perhaps did they ever known? Perhaps they are busy with something else? ... Their daily life is complex, every mundane action is conducive to a new seemingly insurmountable problem. They are bombarded insurmountable task. They belong to the great family of chronic outdated. Will they build social relations between them? With the public? Is this not at the top of their forces as they are concerned with the material aspects of their existence and they both seemed disarmed? Burlesque Show frieze on the bottom of society. In the air of communication any bearing on here revisits the world of isolation and a form of marginalization.

Staged by:

Alain Mies


Sarah Michel, Laurent Barattero