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Le cabaret enfantin

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Dédé, it is him, the head of the largest cabaret childish.Louise is her waitress, dreamy at the same club. They must draw up the tables and do a bit of housekeeping before the evening, yes, but here, props and costumes of the magician and his assistant are on the scene and the balls and clubs torque jugglers; between then two shots of broom, they will be waltzing: balls, bouquets, lanterns, clubs and pedestal table. Between two shots of feather duster, they will be born miles illusions and remove the dust with rag. In the cabaret child will be discovered miles magic tricks, each more stunning than the other and the wildest ways to juggle everything that moves, we can learn to sweep in unicycle (it is faster), and color dreams of two shots of Feather duster.

Staged by: Jacques Laurent
Circassians: Sarah Michel et Laurent Barattero
Duration: 55 minutes

Filmed during his first for the festival P'tits Cannes à you at the La Licorne theater.

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